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Our specialisation are turn-key aquarium projects with design, execution and implementation. We offer reliable and high-quality aquarium maintanance services during your vacation or travel or when you seek continious service to immerse yourself fully to relaxation. We also provide consulting with all the matters regarding aquarium hobby. We can provide all the necessary equippment, salts and trace elements from carefully selected brands we trust and have been depended for years. When you seek more inspiration, assistance or inspiration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our services:

  • Turn-key aquarium projects, design, execution and installation

  • Aquarium maintanace, upkeep and supplies

  • Consulting

  • Quarantining of fishes, corals and invertabrates

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Aquariums for home

Marine aquarium brings a piece of exotic nature in your living room where you can begin an adventure to the secret world of coral reef. Aquarium full of life is fasinating to observe and maintain. There are endless possibilities with the design of the aquarium model and furniture and it can be adapted to the existing home decor. Inexperience with the hobby is never an limiting factor, as we can guide and give assistance with any hobby related matters. Additionally there is warmhearted reefing community in Facebook, where people are always eager to help.

Marine aquarium can be smaller nano reef, complete aqaurium system from our partners or custome-made turn-key system, where we take care of all the details and assembly. We have over 30 years of experience and trusted by the hobbyist in Finland. With our expertise, you will receive the best solutions and healthy animals.

Aquariums for business

Aquariums installed for corporations, organisations or public sector spaces are usually tailor-made systems, as then all the special needs of the space and customer can be taken into account. We have delivered aquariums for example to exhibiton center restaurant, corporation meeting rooms and lobbies, waiting spaces in pharmacies, shopping centers, co-working spaces and spaces in public services units. One of the larges installations is located in the Iso Omena shopping centre, in Espoo.

According to research, aquariums can have multiple positive effects on health, such as lower stress levels, incresed concentration abilities ja more restful mind. Impressive aquarium display can advance organisations reputation and employer brand and can serve as ice-breaker with customers.

Let’s dream and discus together what kind of experience would be suitable for your spaces.


Let’s get you a aquarium!



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warehouse store

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At our warehouse store you are able to get acquainted with fishes and corals as well as to see aquariums and marine aquarium equipment. You are also able to purchase high-quality products for your aquarium maintanance.